We’re pleased to welcome a range of community fitness classes that operate out of our studio space. These are run by externally experienced instructors and available to book on a PAYG basis as well as with membership options. You can find out more about the classes and how to book with the instructors below.

Hero Camp

This class will take your fitness up a notch, come train with the coaches every morning and level up your fitness. In Hero Camp session you will constantly test and improve your strength, endurance, balance and functional movement ability. Using body weight, weighted vest, dummbells, kettlebells and barbells.

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Mum Fit

A fun fitness class designed for mothers and others ( who don’t mid babies being there) you will be guaranteed to work up a sweat, build your strength and make new friends! All abilities welcome with lots of impact options- variety of body weights, light weights, hit, conditions, boxing & Pilates on offer across 4 session per week.

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Unlike high impact workouts like hit. LIIT does not overexert your body, and you can work at your own pace and level of intensity. if you’re consistent in your workout routine, you can increase your muscle density, toe your body and improve stability and endurance with LIIT.

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Pilates is a form of exercise which concentrates on strengthening the body with an emphasis on full body toning. This helps to improve general fitness and overall well-being. Similar to Yoga, Pilates concentrates on posture, balance and flexibility.

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Pound Fitness

Pound, an exercise class with rock-star flair. The class consists of drumming, cardio and strength training. Throw in some yoga and Pilates, and it becomes a jam session that rocks the body and mind.

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Fit Camp

A high energy group fitness bootcamp class designed to build your cardiovascular fitness, strength and agility. Suitable for all abilities, age ranges with lots of impact options on offer. Have fun, take part in friendly competitions and track your fitness with out monthly fit test. Indoor & outdoor weather dependent.

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Martial Arts Self defence

Martial Arts self defence , building self confidence and awareness from day 1.

Our syllabus takes the traditional principles of WingTsun and applies them to the practical aspects of street fighting and self defence, no matter your size and ability. Alongside the self defence, your fitness, balance, core strength and coordination improve too.

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Kenagi Academy Martial Arts

Thank you very much for taking the time to find out about Kenagi, I truly hope that you’ll grow to share our passion for martial arts. It is a passion which I have treasured myself since my childhood and which will stay with me always. At Kenagi we share a vision of the art based on hard work, excellence and frankness. Being an open group we welcome instructors and students to train and mix with us at anytime no matter what grade or association.

Wednesday 18.00-19.00 Karate &

19.00-20.00 Kick box

Saturday: 9.00-13.00 Karate, Kick box & self defence

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